We launched our #THISISNOTTINGHAM video last week and it’s gone a bit wild, we might even dare to whisper the word ‘viral’ – with over 100,000 views (so far) across all the available channels.



As a local, independent Nottingham business we’re so incredibly proud of the City and we love providing a service to the people of Nottingham and visiting tourists.

Not a day goes by that we aren’t discussing ways that we can celebrate, promote or give back to the City that we love whether that be charity fundraising, sponsorship of grassroots or indeed elite local sports teams and athletes such as Nottingham’s own World Champion boxer Leigh Wood, or just a simple Instagram post of Robin Hood.

The idea of the project was conjured up between the owners and managers of SBC but has involved a lot of people – all local Nottingham businesses/freelancers (which was very important to us).

Huge thank you to everyone involved
Banner Illustration – Raphic Design
Printing – ECOPrint
Installation and floodlighting – All Bar None
Videography and production – Alphageek

Seeing as we had the banner, we thought it would be a great idea to display it over the front of our venue to really get the city behind Steve Cooper and the team.

There is a real feel good factor and buzz around the city at the moment and the whole game changed when Steve Cooper walked through the doors at the city ground – you feel it in the venues, on the streets and indeed the whole city will doubtless feel the benefits of the team performing so well on the pitch.

You can support SBC to do more cool s**t like this by coming to our events, shows and gigs!



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